Land prices are increasing at an exponential pace, and as a plot owner, you may have to explore how to maximize space utility. Innovative designs and creative layouts help maximize the space available for constructing the apartment. Taking professional assistance would accelerate the process and help save more space.

As a leading property developer in Erode, we have curated tips and practical ideas from expert builders on how one can construct an apartment in a small plot.

  1. Decide on your budget.

The very step to constructing an apartment is to decide on the budget for construction. The entire construction plan will depend on how much you allocate for the project. Experts suggest that your construction budget should always be 15-20% higher than the estimated building cost.

In other words, your estimations should be 15-20% lower than your budget. The budget helps decide the proportion of money you should spend on the actual construction and interior design. 

  1. The shape of the plot

When you have a small plot, shape matters the most. Say you have a square plot. If you are looking forward to constructing a 625 sq. ft building, ideally, the exterior should be 25 ft * 25 ft. The entire length of the exterior here would be 100ft. 

On the other hand, if you have a rectangular plot, the exterior could be 50ft * 12 ft 6 inches. Here, the total length of the exterior wall would be 125 ft. This means for the same area, square plots require a smaller length of walls than rectangular plots. This example reveals the significance of the shape of the plot in construction.

So, while designing, the builder should consider all these attributes and arrive at an innovative design that can minimize the length of the walls. Studies show that there is a 25% increase in cost when buildings are constructed in complex shapes. 

  1. Start designing from the outside.

When space is a constraint, always design starts your design from the outside and moves inside. Setting the exterior attributes right before venturing into planning the interior parameters helps achieve an efficient design.

A lot of times, when we design from the inside and move out, there are chances that we may end up with a design that is larger than the intended. So, the key to constructing an apartment in a small area is to start with planning the outside.

  1. Hire a professional builder

A skilled designer can help you achieve more. So, when you are planning to construct an apartment in a small plot, invest your time and effort into identifying and hiring a professional builder. They best know how to achieve the maximum with limited space.

When you hire a builder, check for their experience and reputation in the industry. Experience matters here because you are essentially attempting to achieve more with less. You must also check how good they are at meeting deadlines, as delays in construction are extremely costly. 

Being one of the leading builders in Erode and property developers in Erode, we listen to your desires and objectives. We then see how we can design the apartment in the given space using creative layouts and innovative approaches. 

  1. Customize your living space

Once the exterior planning is over, the next step is to plan the interiors. Vastu compliance must be taken care of while planning. Before working on the interior, you should translate your desires into a solid plan. The size and plan of the interior of your apartment depend mostly on your lifestyle. Some families require more space in the kitchen and living area than the bedrooms.

While others may require larger bedrooms. In case one of your family members is working from home, he or she may need a workspace. So, depending on your requirements, customize the plan. After all, it is your dream home. When you seek greater customization, the cost of the materials increase.

So, always look for a design and customization scale that is within your affordability and budget estimates. 

  1. Parking and basement plan

When it comes to building an apartment, parking is of strategic importance. When the area available for construction is small, it is wise to use the ground floor for parking. You may also consider the space for gardening as it would enhance the appeal of the apartment. 

  1. Sustainability is the future.

When you construct a house, always explore sustainable options. Construction professionals recommend leaving at least 20-30% of the space open for windows and glass frames, so there is space for sunlight. This also increases the quality of air inside the home. 

Wrapping up, 

The above-listed tips for constructing an apartment in a small plot work best when you hire a highly professional builder for construction. Sweet Spring Properties is a leading property developer in Erode and has some of the best builders in Erode.

So, if you are exploring how to construct an apartment in a small plot, book a consultation with the best builders in Erode. We also are leading agents in Erode real estate, and our activities in real estate in Perundurai remain one of the most spoken about in the area. 


How does the shape of the plot influence construction?

Yes, the shape of the plot you choose for construction matters. Rectangular and other complex-shaped plots demand greater wall lengths than square-shaped plots. With square-shaped plots, the cost of construction is relatively lower than the rectangular plots. 

Why should I take professional help to construct a house?

Quality construction requires careful planning of several services and optimal utilization of resources. Their experience and expertise help accelerate construction and achieve more with less. This is more important when you are planning to construct a house in a small plot. 

What are the key factors that influence house construction?

The following factors influence the construction of houses and apartments. 
Budget and affordability
1. Shape and size of the plot
2. Interior and exterior spending proportion.
3. Quality and cost of materials
4. Regulatory requirements

How should I plan parking for an apartment?

When you have a small area, always keep the basement for parking. You may also consider having a garden as it would boast the ambiance. 

What should I look for before buying a plot?

You must look for three things before purchasing a plot. 
1. Shape and size of the plot
2. Legal compliance
3. Appreciation as an investment.