Before we build a house, the first thing everyone does is buy a plot for it. It’s the most important and costly investment during the house-building process. So here you’ll learn how to choose the best plot for your house.

When looking for a plot for sale in your area, you should follow these guidelines to make the best decision.

Choose the location for your plot

Before you choose anything, you should look at the location. For example, if you’re looking for a commercial plot for sale, you should look for an area with high commercial activity to get a good return on investment and see your property’s value rise quickly.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a building plot for sale, you should look for a well-established residential area to increase the demand for your building.

Sometimes people need to choose the right location to make better decisions. Some people buy plots for their use as well as for investment purposes. So always look for a good location.

Choose the shape of the plot

In general, the rectangular shape is considered the most efficient shape for the plot. Now, if you’re building a house on a rectangular-shaped plot, you can use every square foot of your plot very efficiently.

When you choose the wrong-shaped plot, the space could sometimes be better spent. So to fully utilize it, always look for shapes according to your requirements. You can consult your architect, who’ll give you precise details according to your house design.

Test the type of soil

You should also look for soil texture because it plays an important role in the stability of your house. If you have loose sand, it’s not considered good because it needs proper structural support. Clay is considered better than that.

A good mixture of clay, sand, and gravel is considered best for engineering. If you’re building a single-story house, the type of soil can be normal, but if you’re making a multi-story building, then the structural integrity of the foundation is very important.

Topography of the plot

Topography is simply the physical characteristics of an area of land. It’s important to check the topography of the land plot because if you choose a plot with a very uneven surface, it can cost too much to make that surface even so that you can build a house on it.

Ground water table

The groundwater table is the saturated water beneath the sediment and rock surface. Now it’s important to check its level because if it’s very near the surface of the plot, then it can cause multiple problems for your house in the future, like water seepage and problems with water drainage.

A nearby road

There should be access to the road near your plot. It also needs a proper width according to a local authority; otherwise, it’ll create problems for you and others in the future. So always check the stuff regarding the road, like distance and your usability.


You should also look for things like this, such as a hospital nearby if you have a medical emergency. Shopping places are also important and should be reachable quickly. The best distance will be about a 10- to 20-minute drive.

School or College

For some people, this point can be a dealbreaker. You should also look for nearby schools and colleges if you have children in your house. Finding a plot for sale near a school or college can be very convenient for you and your children.

Choose a neighborhood wisely

Before buying a plot, you should also look for a good neighborhood. Always choose a neighborhood according to your standard of living; otherwise, you’ll regret this later.

Choosing the right neighborhood is important; for example, if you’re a married couple and choose a neighborhood with lots of students, you’ll feel awkward living there.

Transportation costs of materials

If your plot is far away from places where building material is available, building a house can be very expensive. The stuff you regularly need to build a house gets more expensive due to the transportation cost of materials.

The legal status of land

It’s also important to follow the law, so it’s crucial to check the legal status of the plot before you make any payment. You may have seen that many projects face delays and get stuck in court for various reasons. Always have such matters checked with an expert or a lawyer.

Water and Electricity Availability

Water and electricity are essential before purchasing any land for your home. Check the electricity pole nearby your plot and ask authority figures about its reliability.

The next thing is water, so check the water’s availability. The source of water and quality of water you’ll get and ensure that there is a proper water supply throughout the year.


We discussed every crucial point about what to keep in mind when buying a plot. If you follow every point properly, you’ll make a better buying decision. We have given an overview of plotting and buying stuff. Now, after this, you can do deep research on every point.

As everyone has different needs, some people buy a dtcp approved plots in erode for investment purposes and will sell it later as is. And some people will build a house on this and then sell it. Another category will build the house and then live in it.

But all of them consider it an investment, so you can make a very insightful decision about your investment by doing detailed research on the key point we have given in this article.


Which type of story is good for home?

A good plot has many qualities, as we discuss in this article. Some of them are a good location, shape, proper facility, etc.

What should I look for when buying a plot?

When looking for the plot, you should look for legal stuff because it’s the most crucial before paying other parties.

Which number plot is good, as per Vastu?

ccording to Vastu, plots with 6 and 8 numbers are considered very good.

Which type of plot is better and why?

The square and rectangle plots are best because they are the most space efficient, as every corner gets used properly.

What size plot do I need for a 4-bedroom house?

With 4,300 square feet, you can easily build a 4-bedroom house. However, if you require adequate outdoor space, consider 21000 square feet.